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      M-2 Metallographic Specimen Pre-grinding Machine

      M-2 Metallographic Specimen Pre-grinding Machine
      M-2 Metallographic Specimen Pre-grinding Machine

      1.Application And Feature:
      M-2 Metallographic Specimen Pre-grinding Machine is a kind of double disc pre-grinding machine. 
      Taking advantage of various water-resistant sand papers with different granularity.
      It can be used to pre-grinding various metal and alloy materials.
      By using this machine, manual grinding can be replaced by mechanical grinding so as to improve specimen
      preparing efficiency, also the deforming and heating traces produced during cutting can be removed completely.
      This will be suitable to observe and measure the metallographic structure of specimen under microscope.

      2.Technical Parameters:
      Model M-2
      Grinding Polishing Disc, Diameter 200 mm
      Grinding Polishing Disc, Revolving Speed 450 rpm
      Input Voltage Single Phase, AC220V, 50Hz
      Input Power 370 W
      Dimension 725×710×310 mm
      Weight 40 KG